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Hario Dripper V60 01 Clear

The Hario V60 Dripper is probably one of the most popular coffee drippers for the manual pour-over brewing method. Its unique design helps to achieve a more flavourful brew than its competitors. First, you have to use its paper filter as it doesn't impart a "paper taste" to the coffee. Its cone adds depth to the different layers of the coffee, allowing you to identify its full complexity. It also has a bigger hole at the bottom to make the smoothest extraction possible. Its spiral ribs allows air to escape while brewing, thus allowing the coffee to expand fully. The result is a gourmet cup of coffee that wows even its critics. Make with clear heat resistant plastics, its durable and easy to clean, and makes the best travelling companion. Its also allows for direct brewing by placing it over your favourite coffee mug. Manual pour-over has 2 unique advantages. Firstly, you can control the flow rate and contact points of the water to the coffee ground, which is extremely important in creating depth and complexity. Secondly, you do not need to deal with coffee ground as you simply pinch the wet filter off the dripper and dump it.

Designed for manual, pour-over style coffee brewing
Brews one to two cups at a time
Works well with V60 size 01 paper or cloth filters
Dimensions: 115mm x 100mm x 82mm (Diameter: 95mm)
Comes with V60 measuring spoon
Made in Japan

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