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Ethiopia Illubabor Baaroo SWP Decaf

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This coffee is grown in the Illubabor highlands of western Ethiopia. This remarkable sweet and aromatic coffee is floral, fruity and chocolaty at the same time. It is bright and complex with hints of cinnamon, orange peel and apricots. This medium roasted coffee has a medium body, a smooth mouthfeel and a clean finish. In fact, it taste equally good even after it cools. Great for after dinner coffee sessions with family and friends.

Swiss Water® Process (SWP) is a ecology-friendly water decaffeination process that uses simple science to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. It uses water from the pristine environment of the coast mountains of British Columbia, Canada to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. The process is 100% chemical free and certified organic.

Region: Illubabor, West Ethiopia
Altitude: 1700m
Grade: Top grade
Processing: Washed, Swiss Water Process Decaf
Varietal: Heirloom varietals

Swiss Water Process Decaf








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