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Sumatra Triple Pick Blue Batak

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A 100% arabica coffee grown by the indigenous Bataks on the Sumatran highlands. Sited around the world’s largest volcanic lake and rigorously hand sorted. Custom roasted to full city (medium-dark) to create layers of herbal and nutty aromatics with dark chocolate and earthy tones. A cup with sweet syrupy body and incredible complexity. This is the only coffee I am offering that is wet hulled, meaning you get a unique almost "jungle" taste that you will remember and love. Triple pick signifies its quality during preparation and sorting, as its almost sorted more than 3 times before shipping. This coffee is most balanced as a full city (medium-dark) roast, meaning you can have it as an espresso or a french press. Either way, you will taste all of its flavour and aromatics.

Region: Lintong, Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia, Asia
Altitude: 1500-1700m
Grade: Premium triple pick
Processing: Wet-hulled
Varietals: Ateng, Djember

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Product Review

  1. Sumatra Blue Batak
    Brewed at 94 celsius on espresso
    Dosage: 19g/double shots

    I picked up strong cocoa notes with short lingering underlying roasted nuts on both dry fragrance and on the shots itself. It has great body to it as well. As a single origin espresso, I personally felt it was however slightly lacking on the sweetness and acidic end. But being a Sumatra, this is somewhat expectable. Just for your consideration I do not know if roasting it just slightly lighter (20s or so) would help? I’m no roaster here though! 🙂

    Note also my comments were based on just 4 shots. Others were under/over extracted. So I might have not evaluated it properly.