Sulawesi AA Tana Toraja

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This rare and highly sought after 100% arabica coffee originates from the ancient spice island of the East Indies. Grown deep in the forestal highlands, it is uniquely processed to display caramel sweetness with added layers of spices and tropical fruit such as cinnamon, cloves, honeydew and pineapples. A bright cup with herbal, chocolaty overtones and a medium body. This is a dry hulled coffee, truly unique to the region of mostly wet hulled coffees. Thus its earthiness is more balanced compared to say, the Sumatra Triple Picked Blue Batak. That said, I am custom roasting it to a tone lighter than medium-dark to show more of its complexity and brightness. This coffee is best enjoyed as a french press brew or pour-over coffee.

Region: Tana Toraja, Sulawesi, Indonesia, Asia
Altitude: >1500m
Grade: AA
Processing: Dry hulled
Varietal: Jember, S-795

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