Ethiopia Sidamo

This 100% arabica coffee comes from the Sidamo highlands of Ethiopia, the widely regarded birthplace of coffee. Floral, winey and almost tea-like (Earl Grey), with complex layers of berries and spices. City roasted for a well balanced cup with notes of chocolate and a rich mouthfeel. Recommended for either drip or french press brew. Since this is medium roasted, I did not offer it as espresso (ground), although customers are free to grind it for espresso when they buy it as whole bean.  I find that it didn't punch through especially with milk and would have been a little high on the acidity as straight espressos for most palates. Personally, I found its characteristics most pronounced with a manual handpour brew. Its complexity of various aromatics and tastes makes it a joy for an after lunch treat.

Region: Sidamo, Ethiopia, Africa
Altitude: 1500m
Grade: 1
Processing: Washed
Varietal: Ethiopia Sidamo Heirloom

Price: $9.35

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Product Review

  1. Issac

    Ethiopia Sidamo
    Brewed at various degrees on v60 but found around 93 Celsius was best.
    89 celsius on aeropress taste good too.

    Again, picking up dark cacao and nutty notes but this time with some spice notes similar to anise/licorice. Brews were slightly astringent at high temperatures. But this is perhaps due to the fact my preferred grind size is a tad finer than normal filter. Overall it is quite a balanced cup. On a personal preference note, again, I felt it could use just slightly more sweetness/acidity. But Malaysian’s palate preferences should/might like this cup quite well. In fact, the more I play with it, the more I like it as well.

    So there you go!

    Thank you again for the samples. Honestly, I felt they were overall quite good.

  2. Like most African coffees, Ethiopia Guraferda features a small and greyish bean, yet is valued for its deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma.

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