Women’s Wellness Brew

This brew is an all-natural blend of herbs. It is a combination of flowers, fruits and leaves to achieve a balanced tonic for health and happiness. Rich in iron, the ingredients found in this brew include raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower and cinnamon. One can also enjoy the fruity and floral notes lemon and radiant rose. A magical brew for all women!

Ingredients: Raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, lemon verbena, lemon peel, cinnamon, roses and stevia

Brewing tips:
Start with cold water and bring water to a boil.
Add herbs, one heaping teaspoon per cup of water. For ice herbal infusions, add one level tablespoon.
Pour hot water over herbs and steep 4-6 minutes. Remove or strain herbs and enjoy!
The herbs we offer are naturally caffeine free.

Health Benefits:
Helps to balance, support women’s general health

Price: $6.25

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