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Liu An Gua Pian (Lu’an Melon Seed)

Liu An Gua Pian (六安瓜片), also known as Lu'an Melon Seed, is a green tea from Liu'an County in Anhui Province, China. This is a famous green tea and is listed on virtually all China Famous Tealists. This tea is unique because it is the only Chinese green tea made without using any buds, new leaves or stems. Mature leaves are used instead, and due to this, it has also reportedly the highest nutritional level among all green teas. When brewed, Liu An Gua Pian has a great complex sweet taste and aroma.

Liu'an County, Anhui Province, China

Harvest period:
April 2013

Flat and oval shaped leaves without any bud or stems

Tasting notes:
A great complex sweet taste and aroma

Health Benefits
This tea helps reduce the risk of cancer, improve skin conditions and delay aging.

Recommended Brewing guide:
We recommend using glass-based or ceramic tea ware. Rinse tea cup and teapot with hot water. Use about 2 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons) for every 150ml of water. Steep tea leaves in hot water at about 80°c (176°F) for 1 minute for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing.

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