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Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill

Now you can have evenly-sized coffee ground anywhere, anytime! Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill is a manual hand grinder that uses no electricity, needs no maintenance and great for travelling. It uses ceramic conical burrs that produces evenly sized coffee ground without heating up easily during grinding. Ceramic burrs also excels with no odour and does not rust, thus needs no maintenance. Its easy-to-use, state-of-art design makes for easier grinding with no spillage. We find its pre-calibrated, transparent body convenient as we can grind exactly what is needed. No wastage here. We also find it easy to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the coffee ground by turning the adjustable knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. However it took us some practice to repeat the desired grind each time we touch the knob. Compact and slim with a removable handle, it can easily fit into your drawer after each day's use. It has no hard-to-reach chambers and can be easily dismantled for thorough dusting. Overall, a handy coffee mill fit for all occasions.




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