The roaster we use to roast our green coffee is the online retail store for Straits Coffee & Tea. We sell 100% arabica coffee and quality teas through our store, website and partnering cafes. We originate from Singapore, a free port right at the Asian end of the busiest shipping channels in the world, the Straits of Malacca. We run by a few principles:

1) Freshness. We believe that coffees are best when fresh so we keep very little stock and we only roast upon order. I roast everyday so our coffees are delivered fresh. We use a Diedrich 2.5kg roaster so that we can roast many small batches effectively and with greater care. Unlike coffees which we roast our own, we don’t process our own teas. We ensure freshness of teas through careful sourcing, cupping, inspection, storage and inventory control.

2) Single Origins. Call us purists, but we like to taste coffees and teas that can be identified with the place that they are grown in. Coffees and teas from different places with their differing climates, soil, varietals, altitude, slopes, growing conditions and processing methods, etc, taste differently, and you can’t get that in blends.

straitscoffee.com3) Quality. We demand quality from our offerings because we are coffee and tea lovers and we will never offer anything that we would not drink ourselves. The reason why we started the company was because we want to share the good coffees and teas that we have with our customers. We are meticulous in storing, sorting, cupping, and sourcing. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted by me only.

I started off as an average joe who liked coffee but always lamenting how hard it was to get a decent cup. It was not until a friend of mine who gave me a Bialetti moka pot as a gift which spurs my enthusiasm towards anything about coffee. Today, I am glad to be able to share my passion with all my customers and personally ensuring each cup that they drink are of the highest standards.

Vincent L.