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Colombia Santander

This 100% arabica coffee is grown in the region of Bucaramanga on the plateau of Columbia Andes and benefits from very good climatic conditions. Juicy and fruity sweetness with notes of honey, grap...


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Hario V60 01 Coffee Paper Filters

Perfect for use with your favorite pour-over coffee dripp, these white paper filters help retain pure coffee flavor and aroma. They're disposable, so you enjoy a fresh, brand-new filter every time ...


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Rwanda Kanzu

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This rare, 100% highland grown, bourbon arabica coffee comes from one of the most amazing growing regions in Rwanda, at over 2,000 meters above sea level, in the area of N...


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Espresso Shotglass

This versatile heavy-weight espresso shot glass measures in both ounces and milliliters. Can be used for long pours as well as measuring sauces and syrups. Ounces are marked at every 0.5oz and Mill...


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Liu An Gua Pian (Lu’an Melon Seed)

Liu An Gua Pian (六安瓜片), also known as Lu'an Melon Seed, is a green tea from Liu'an County in Anhui Province, China. This is a famous green tea and is listed on virtually all China Famous Te...


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Ecuador Zamora Organic

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This coffee is sweet and fruity with layers of dried fruit, raisins, apricot and prunes. It is juicy with medium body and a lingering aftertaste of sweetness; a perfect cu...


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Relax and Digest Tea

Like to unwind after a hard day of work? Try our Relax & Digest Tea, a delicious herbal that stimulates digestion and loosens the mind! The brew consists of red rose petals, which provides a gentle...


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Anxi Tie Guan Yin (Iron Goddess of Mercy)

Also known as Iron Goddess of Mercy, this is probably the most famous among all Chinese Oolong teas. Boasts with an amazing floral taste and aroma, this tea comes with great health benefits, being ...


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